Requesting The Documents By Email

Colin Hart's documents available from this site can be requested by sending an email to the appropriate address, and the requested document will automatically be sent back attached to an email. This is the same documents about Colin Hart as can be requested via the Web form.

There are currently three different documents available, although one of them is just the other two combined, and each document is available in either Microsoft Word .doc format or Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

The table below shows the email address for each document. Simply send an email to the appropriate address, it does not need any subject or message, as the automatic reply is simply sent back to the address that the requesting email came from with the requested document(s) attached.

These email addresses are purely for sending a request for a CV or CV Appendix to and are handled automatically, no messages sent to them will be seen by me.

*The email address is not case sensitive.
*Do not forget the document extension the .xxx in the format of the email address. If none is given then .doc is assumed.

Email AddressDocument
Colin HartC.V. in Word format
C.V. in Acrobat PDF format
Training and Education Appendix in Word format
Training/Education Appendix in Acrobat PDF format
C.V. plus Appendix in Word format
C.V. plus Appendix in Acrobat PDF format

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